Friday, 11 August 2017


Yup, couldn't help but go for another shopping trip before leaving on holiday in a few days, there is just too much awesomeness going on around SL this month !

Worn with Maitreya body/Catwa Catya head

Skin: WICKED * Moira @ Wicked - Picked this up at a previous round of the Darkness Chamber Fair, love it so much, just had to wear it again - no promises you can still find it at their store, if not, you still have a nice selection of skins to choose from, worth the trip !

Face paint: Goth1c0:Dark Priestress Make Up @ Goth1c0

Lipstick: w6 Blood white lips @ W6

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Minerva -  variety @ Truth - Please keep in mind, originally the hair does not have black streaks- however, it is modify, so with minimal editing skills, you can easily tint some locks

Eyes: [POUT!] Horror Eye collection- CATWA Eye Applier @ [POUT!]

Bodysuit: -BoD- Ouija Bodysuit @ Beauty of Darkness - How could there be a ouija bodysuit out there without me getting my hands on it, right ?? *grins*
Yet another awesome piece from BOD, could be easily accessorised for a more casual look, or , my choice, a wicked one !

Armwarmers: -NOeditiON- Punk Bento Sleeves Maitreya 10.Punk_Lace COMMON - available now @ Rewind: A Throwback Event

Headdress: .aisling. Savage Winter {Frost} @ .aisling.

Foot spikes: ::Merlific/Paperdoll's:: Purgatory stud @ Paperdoll's

Necklace: ::GB:: Punk Chain choker black - Available now @ Romp:Elegant kink

Rings: [ContraptioN] Desideratus Ring Set @ [ContraptioN]

Pose: Bauhaus Movement - Cauvery @ Bauhaus Movement - When in need, this is the one place that will never fails on delivering the perfect pose.

❤ For a full front and back view of the Ouija bodysuit, check out photo below ❤

Valley of Broken Dolls

So, I've been toying around with some of my favorite things, and, this is the result !

Worn with Maitreya body/ Catwa Catya head

Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial \ Upsidedown - Ombre @ Tableau Vivant

Skin: [MC] Yamille @ [Mystic Canvass] - Ok, so, there is a story here. Bought the system version of this way way waaaaay before mesh was even a possibility, after getting my first mesh body, put this in a folder, couldn't get myself to delete it, just love it too much... and then, SURPRISE ! Now it is available for mesh bodies and heads too , so YaY \o/

Eyes: .:Soul:. Blinde Eyes - Mer @ Soul

Tats: -Endless Pain Tattoos- Suicide Biohazard Edition @ Endless Pain Tattoos

Ball joints: Sweet Thing. Ball-Jointed Doll Applier (box) RARE @ Sweet Thing

Bodysuit: -BOD- Duvessa Bodysuit @ Beauty of Darkness - YAAAAAS ! You need this in your life , go grab it ! Including a total of four graphic and one plain option, you can play around with this wonderfully 

Gloves: *katat0nik* (FEMALE / black) BENTO Iron Cage Hands @ *katat0nik*

Choker: ::Axix:: SeeYourMasterCollar [Black] @ Fetish Fair 2017

❤ All variations for the Duvessa bodysuit textures below ❤

Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Catya head
Skin: LAQ ~ Elena [Pale] Glow skin @ LAQ

Hair: adoness : fulla : scarlet @ Hair Fair 2017 - (Part of their reds pack)
Another awesome new hair release from Adoness available until July the 16th at event location, and their mainstore afterwards ! Scroll down for a closeup of the gorgeous braid detail, complete with a gemstone pin. Metal and stone color hud included with each color pack.

Eyes: [QE] Summoner Eyes @ The Darkness Chamber Fair - includes a total of 6 wickedly gorgeous eye colors,with clean or bloody sclera, each applicable individually on left or right eye.

Eye makeup: .:MMC:. Morgana Eyeshadow @ Darkness Monthly - dollarbie gift available at the current round, includes 5 styles, mesh and system head compatible.

Lipstick: LEPUNK Sadako Lipstick Catwa @ LePunk

Tats: TSO-Runes Tattoo @ The Darkness Chamber Fair - Perfect for that witchy look ! Mesh body compatible.
Skirt & Top: [[BR]] ARADIA outfit @ The Darkness Chamber Fair - Fitted for Maitreya,Slink and Belezza, top and skirt can be worn separate as well, allowing you to mix up your look easy.
Neck corset: *:..Silvery K..:*Neck Corset Mesh(Black) @ Silvery K

Mask: ::Axix:: Laverne Mask [Onix] @ We <3 RP - both left and right masks included, wearable together or individually.
Bauhaus Movement - Mannequin 36 @ Bauhaus Movement
All  furnishing used in this photo is from my own store, .::[Angelic Designs]::.

[AD] [Dark Embrace] Ballroom (Crimson)
[Symphonia] Grand Piano (Darkness)
[AD] [Galadriel] Standing Mirror (Of course, the reflection was edited in, since SL mirrors cant actually reflect)
[AD] [Monarch] Dining Table (Darkness)
[AD] [Monarch] Lounger

Left side detail on the adoness : fulla hairdo ❤

Color palette for the [QE] Summoner Eyes

Friday, 7 July 2017


It's Friday time to raise some hell !!!!!! And, of course, for shopping ! *grins*
The Darkness Chamber Fair is open, and you can pick up some awesome stuff to please your inner...and outer demons alike !
Since last time did not show you the tat from Beauty of Darkness, I will now, alongside with some jewelry you need to own !

Worn with Maitreya body/Catwa Catya head/Catwa fangs

Skin: :[P]:-Immortalia Skin-Female:// Akasha @ Plastik

Eyes: Az...  Symbol Eyes @ The Darkness Chamber Fair - several styles available, was a tough choice, but finally settled on the skully ones ! For the full options range, scroll down ❤

Face/Eye makeup: The Kitsune Tribe : Unisex Makeup (Catwa) @ Lovely Disarray

Hair: (r)M Hair No.22'14 ( d a r k R e d s ) @ redMint

Nails:DP - Koffin Nails - Black Magic @ The Darkness Chamber Fair - did show you these before, but, they're so wicked, had to again ;)

Tats: -BOD- Voodoo Tattoo @ The Darkness Chamber Fair - You can pick this up this adorable viney tat on it's own, or as part of a full outfit at the event. For a full front/back view, scroll down for the promo pic ❤

Choker: !TLB - Witchy Choker w/ HUD @ The Darkness Chamber Fair - Texture change, making it an easy fit to any outfit really.

Necklace: :Z.S: Secrets Necklace @ The Darkness Chamber Fair - Delicate little necklace,with texture change hud for easy matching

Bracelet/rings: =Zenith=The Hollow Gloves (Black) -Maitreya @ We <3 RP

Head dress: EF: Kali Ma Headdress @ Empyrean Forge

Septum ring: [CX] 24 Sacrosanct Septum Gunmetal @ CerberusXing - part of the Sacrosanct gacha

Tongue piercing: [CX] Tongue Barbells (Bento) @ CerberusXing - Group gift !!!

Facial piercings: CODE-5 [ Alonza Piercing Set ] V02 @ Code-5

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


With a brand new round of the Darkness Chamber Fair opening, us dark souls need to be ready for a shopping trip !!!! Today I am going to show you the awesome new stuff Beauty of Darkness has there for you, plus, snatched up one of the new hairs from Adoness as well, available now at the 2017 Hair Fair ❤

Worn with Maitreya body/Catwa Catya head/ Catwa fangs
Skin: :[P]:-Immortalia Skin-Female:// Akasha @ Plastik

Hair: adoness : doris @ Hair Fair 2017 - Wearing the scarlet from the red pack in this photo.
Now, let me tell you WHY I am such a huge fan of Adoness hairs ! Not only they are edgy and awesome, but, they are left modify, so if you are looking to tint to get just the right shade, you can !
Plus, the rigging is done in such way, that, with minimal knowledge of how editing attachments works, the top part of the hair can actually be moved/resized to fit your head to perfection ❤

Eyes: Devae. Eyes/Lupine: Viridian @ Devae

Tats: [TattooMania -  Skull and Demon] @ Tattoo Mania

Eye makeup: :[P]:- June Fauxe Makeups:// Smog/Smoke @ Plastik

Lipstick: LEPUNK Sadako Lipstick Catwa @ LePunk

Mouth blood: /anxiety/ hopeful undertone @ Anxiety

Nailpolish: DP - Koffin Nails - Black Magic @ The Darkness Chamber Fair - Includes a total of  10 colors, for finger and toe polish alike. Scroll down for the full palette of this witchy goodness !

Top: -BOD- Valdis Plain Top @ The Darkness Chamber Fair

Pants: -BOD- Shield Voodoo Pants @ The Darkness Chamber Fair

Gloves: -BOD- Voodoo Gloves @ The Darkness Chamber Fair

You can pick up all 3 pieces at the fair separate, or as a full pack, including not just the clothes, but a tat as well, at a generously discounted price! If you scroll all the way down, will show you the promo for this awesome deal !

Mask: 1.::GB::HALF ARMOR MASK / BLACK / RARE @ Gabriel

Piercings: CODE-5 [ Alonza Piercing Set ] V02 @ Code-5

Rings: [ContraptioN] Desideratus Ring Set @ ContraptioN

Body chain: [MaGmA] -  Chain snake  - Viper (black) RARE - Picked this up at a previous round of Epiphany if I am not mistaken... cannot seem to find an inworld store location for this creator though, unsure if you can still find their gachas some place, sorry !

[AD] [Blood Magic] Vampire Altar @ The Darkness Chamber Fair - Available both in PG and Adult versions, at a 75% discount for the duration.

Bauhaus Movement - Cauvery @ Bauhaus Movement

And now, as promised, promos for the nails, combo outfit, and the altar,to give you a clearer view ❤

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Lady Raven

So many goodies at Midsummer Enchantment, just had to show you more of them, and since I absolutely love my nails and makeup, here is a closeup as well ! ❤

Worn with Maitreya body/Catwa Catya head and #EMPIRE - Coffin Nails - Long
Couldn't get myself to part with the skin and makeup used in the previous blog just yet, too gorgeous if you ask me !

Skin: LAQ ~ Elena [Pale] Glow skin @ LAQ

Eyes: .:Soul:. Sidhe Eyes - Unseelie - Chameleon @ Soul - Yep, still a mega fan of their eyes, but can you blame me? They really do have soul ! ❤

   -Lipstick: ~Shiny Stuffs~ CATWA Lip Service @ Shiny Stuffs
   -Eye makeup: ~Shiny Stuffs~CATWA Smokem if ya gottem/~Shiny Stuffs~ CATWA End Of The Line @ Shiny Stuffs
   -Beauty marks: Arte - Catwa Applier - Moles & Blush @ Arte

Nailpolish: DP - Koffin Nails - Roses Are Forever - Goth @ Midsummer Enchantment - This set is a must have, seriously ! The multiple designs mix wonderfully on my Empire nails, they are just to awesome to pick one ❤

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Cinnamon -  variety @ Truth

Dress: EEc Stroke of midnight: Jacquetta @ Midsummer Enchantment - When you are a dark soul but also a queen ! Along with the dress, you will also get a choker (worn in photos) and a headdress (not worn here) included !

Gloves: BOD- Multi Appliers Gloves HUD- Melanthe @ Midsummer Enchantment - Yet another set of perfect gloves from Beauty of Darkness, can be easily matched to formal and casual wear alike ❤

Headdress: +XAnSA+ Spike Crown @ Midsummer Enchantment - with mix and match color hud for all parts of it !

Necklace: EarthStones Tempest Gothic Cross Necklace - Hers - Garnet @ EarthStones

Rings: **RE** Dark Queen Rings - Bento 2.0 @ RealEvil


Carriage: [AD] [Sweet Blossom] Spring Carriage (Red) @ Midsummer Enchantment - 75% off for the duration of the event, available in red, purple or pink.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

School's Out

School might be out, but, Midsummer Enchantment is IN !!!
This lavish event, catering to all needing a touch of dark magic in their life, brings not only some amazing exclusives at a minimum of 25% off, but also a 5L$ hunt !
Running from June the 21st up to July 9th, you have plenty time to hop over, and pick up some great stuff !

Worn with Maitreya body/Catwa Catya head
Skin: LAQ ~ Elena [Pale] Glow skin @ LAQ - after almost 8 years, still top of my favorite white skins ❤

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Asuka -  reds @ Truth - Absolutely adore this hair, the hat is included with it,but worry not, if you prefer without, that version is also included.

Nails: ::SG:: Crow MeshNails @ Midsummer Enchantment - I don't know about you, but, I needed these nails in my life ! They have a total of 8 colors included, with or without the symbols each, fitted for Maitreya,Slink,Vista and Tuty bento hands alike. For a closer view, added another photo, just scroll down for it !

It is no secret I adore ~Shiny Stuffs~ , all the makeup I am wearing is from their sets, sooooo much on each applier to mix and match ❤
~Shiny Stuffs~ CATWA Lip Service Appliers
~Shiny Stuffs~CATWA Smokem if ya gottem Applier
~Shiny Stuffs~ CATWA End Of The Line Applier

Eyes: .:Soul:. Deep SpaceCat Eyes - Spring @ Soul - Yep, I am a forever fan, and these gorgeous eyes from their latest line is yet another reason to love their stuff !

Dress: {Get Frocked} ADINA DRESS - RED @ Midsummer Enchantment - The perfect girly yet dark combo, and it has POPPIES on it !!! Ok, I might love poppies a bit too much, but, really, what is there not to love about them ?!

Socks: fri. - Lazy.Socks (Coal) @

Rings: CODEX_BENTO FLORA RINGS @ Codex - picked these up at the previous Shiny Shabby round, by now think they were moved in their store.

Tie: ..::PD::.. Baby Tie RARE @ ..:: Paperdoll's ::..

Glasses: Izzie's - Good Old Glasses @ Izzie's - I went, I saw and I had to take these home !!! They have all sorts of texture change features,both for frame and lenses, you can expect to see me wearing them again in the future *grins*

Closer look at the awesome nails

Monday, 5 June 2017

Sick Girl

Would you want to?
Would you dare?
To run into her
In a dark alley
At the dead of the night?

Worn with Maitreya body

Hands : *katat0nik* (sick girl3 / FEMALE) Bento Prosthetic Hands @ *katat0nik* - Available in several colors, I am wearing the black one in the photo. If you never checked out this store, do so ASAP, they have some wickedly awesome stuff !

Wounds: *Queen oF Ink - Earthquake Effect Tattoo @ Queen of Ink

Top: -BoD- Death Top @ Beauty of Darkness - .....okay, so it says *Death* on it, obviously, just had to have this top ! All body appliers included, at the ridiculously low price of 99L$ *gasps*

Jacket: *CK* Look at me jacket @ Crazy Kitty - Comes with a generous texture hud, the jacket itself is standard sizing BUT, works great with mesh bodies too.

Skirt: #SM/BLAXIUM Kelly Skirt ROCK @ Blaxium - Discovered this store on MP last night, awesome stuff !!!!


Mask: *katat0nik* (happy clown) Intruder Mask V2 RARE @ *katat0nik* - You will find it in one of their gachas.
Hammer: Inkside - Harley Quinn Hammer @ Inkside MP - 3 colors included, using the black & red one in photo.

Pose: Bauhaus  Movement -  Patrizia @ Bauhaus Movement - Please note, the pose in fact has both arms down, but combined with the over shoulder animation from the hammer, worked perfectly for this shot.

Photo taken at Everwinter - MUST. GO. HERE ! It's a brilliantly put together place ❤

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Surrender to me

One hypnotic gaze...
No fear, no hesitation,
You surrender
Your innocence, your will,
Your soul, your everything,
Surrender to me,

Worn with Maitreya Lara body/Catwa Catya head,Catwa fangs
Skin: LAQ ~ Elena [Pale] Glow skin @ LAQ

Eyes: .:Soul:. Blinde Eyes - Necros @ Soul - Yep, had to go back for yet another set from the eerily awesome Blinde eyes line ! In the package you will find not only system layer eyes and mesh version, but also omega appliers.

Face: Lovely Disarray - The Kitsune Tribe : Unisex Makeup (Catwa) @ The Kawaii Project - Had to swing by and pick this up !! Includes optional lip stain on the applier, and several colors for the face tat, with or without the bits coming down from forehead to the nose.

Lipstick: ~Shiny Stuffs~ CATWA Lip Service Appliers @ anyBody - Another gorgeous makeup set from this creator, including a total of 28 lipstick colors, plus optional lip gloss, which can be overlaid flawlessly on bento heads, available at the event until the end of the month, at a ridiculously low price if you ask me !!!

Tats: -BOD- Little Bat Girl Tattoo @ Beauty of Darkness - NEW at the store, but, if you are a VIP group member, you can grab this adorable upper body tat for free !!!

Nails: DP - Koffin Nails - FatPack - Marilyn's Memoirs @ The Dark Style Fair - Worn on #EMPIRE - Stiletto Nails - Long . Fair is open for 2 more days only,so you better head over and scoop up this lacey goodness ! Applier includes a total of 9 options, will show you the full palette at the bottom of this post !

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Henya -  reds @ Truth

Top: [NOIR] Eternal Rest Studded_Set 1 - Sadly, do not think this is available anymore

Bottom: =Zenith=Harness pantie (Black) @ Zenith

Horns/Head chain: ...:::MONCLER:::... Horns @ Moncler - Please note, these amazing chained horns are part of their Magic Lingerie - Black set, can't purchase separate - but, the price is more than reasonable, win/win !

Neck: [CX] Hell's Harbinger (Black Out) @ The Dark Style Fair

Rings: **RE** Dark Queen Rings - Bento 2.0 @ RealEvil Industries

Nose ring: [CX] 24 Sacrosanct Septum Gunmetal @ CerberusXing - Part of their Sacrosanct gacha

Full palette of the Marilyn's Memoirs nail appliers

Front and back view of the -BOD- Little Bat Girl Tattoo

Friday, 19 May 2017


A smile so luring,
A stolen kiss,
A feathery touch
To steal your soul...
To her charms you are now....
 Forever lost,

Worn with Maitreya body/Catwa Catya head/Catwa fangs
Skin: [PF] Liya <Ivory> @ Pink Fuel
Eyes: .:Soul:. Blinde Eyes - Mer @ Soul - This was the very first eyes bought from Soul, still one of my favorites ! Besides the system layer and the mesh eyes included, you will also find omega appliers, making it so very easy to use with mesh heads.
Lips blood: /anxiety/ hopeful undertone @ Anxiety
Tats: KARVED Nevermore Unisex Tattoo @ Karved
Hair: Magika [03] Stubborn @ Magika

Dress: {Get Frocked} Strappy Formal Dress @ A walk in the garden event - New from {Get Frocked} , fitten not only for mesh bodies but default sizing as well, and you better hurry, event lasts only until the 21st of May !
Gloves: -BOD- Surrender Gloves @ Beauty of Darkness - One of my go-to pair of long gloves, pairs wonderfully with formal and casual wear alike, includes appliers but also system layers for those that did not give into the mesh body just yet.

Necklace: EarthStones Life Eternal Blood Vial - Hers/Garnet @ EarthStones
Head dress: Violent Seduction - Morte Headdress (Epiphany Exclusive) ..... ok, so this was an exclusive at one of the Epiphany rounds last year, so sadly.... it is not available for purchase, sorry !
But you can find tons of awesome stuff over at Violent Seduction, go check them out !
Nose chain: :Z.S: Chained V4 @ Zombie Suicide

Friday, 5 May 2017

Pretty little psycho

Lots of good stuff happening around SL for the dark souls like myself, and I couldn't be more happier about it !
So naturally, had to play around with some of the awesomeness from several of my favorite stores !

Worn with Maitreya Lara/Catwa Catya head
Skin: LAQ ~ Elena [Pale] Glow skin @ LAQ - This was my very first and favorite white skin, from many many years back,waaaay before we even had mesh at all, seeing it updated to appliers version literally made me clap ! Still loving the detail just as much as when I first bought it !

Nails polish: DP - Koffin Nails - Hellfire Silver @ Genre - Huge fan of this, HUGE !!! You can grab them at the event until the 11th of May, applier has a total of 9 colors, also available in gold edition !
Works perfectly on my #EMPIRE - Coffin Nails, I am one happy little psycho ! *grins*

Eyes: .:Soul:. Deep SpaceCat Eyes - Holy @ Memento Mori - This one might just be my very favorite from Soul's new line of eyes, it is just so hauntingly beautiful, that I had to take a closeup too, to show you a much better view of them !!!

Eyes makeup: -SU!- Lioba Eye Makeup "Ink" @ Suicidal Unborn - just can't seem to be able to give this up! Applier includes a total of eight eye shadow color, each with the face tats you'll get to see up close below. Eyeshadow also available without tats at their store.

Lipstick: LEPUNK Sadako Lipstick Catwa @ LePunk - Truth be told, never heard of this store up until yesterday, when I ran across their shop at the Dark Style Fair, but became an instant fan, one of the very few lipstick appliers I've seen that actually look just as good worn as it does in the promo pic.

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Tulip -  reds @ Truth - They are having a mega sale, celebrating 10 years of Truth Hair, up until May the 12th !!! Think I grabbed at least 10 new hairs last night, to add to my already huge collection !

Tats: -Endless Pain Tattoos- Beautiful Death Fat Pack @ Endless Pain Tattoos - Gorgeous full body tat, also available in separate upper or lower body tats only, but the fat packs is the best option if you ask me, it includes several versions, so you can mix it up to fit your outfit perfectly.

Dress: adoness: mortalia : dress : love rose @ The Dark Style Fair - Brand new adorably goth dress, available in 7 colors at the fair, each pack including white and matching colored sleeve version as well !

Shoes: REIGN.- Dolly Plats- Black @ Reign - They come with the knee socks included, color change via hud, you can pick between black, gray or white.

Lip rings: ~LF~ Ezili Lip Ring Set -Catya- @ LittleFish

Nose ring: Kibitz - Agda nose chain - steel @ Kibitz

Rings: **RE** Elektra Nails & Rings Set @ RealEvil Industries

Ears: UNISEX[MANDALA]STEKING_ears @ Mandala - Had them for years, still the only one I use ❤

Now as promised, here is a closeup so you can see all the awesomeness better !

First photo: Bauhaus Movement - NannyBunnyBoo 1
Closeup: Bauhaus Movement - Mannequin 35
You can find both @ Bauhaus Movement

Dolls: RO - The Doll Maker Gacha @ Remarkable Oblivion - all part of the same creepily awesome gacha !
Everything else:
[AD] [Demon Spawn] Crib (Dark) @ .::[Angelic Designs]::.
[AD] [Demon Spawn] Toy Chest @ .::[Angelic Designs]::.
Following three are all commons of the [AD] [Dark Side] Gacha @ .::[Angelic Designs]::.
[AD] [Elvira] Coffin Shelf
[AD] [The Haunting] Bookpile
[AD] [Ophelia] Forgotten Candelabra

Full palette of the DP - Koffin Nails - Hellfire Silver ❤

Promo of the adoness: mortalia : dress : love rose ❤

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


The shop-a-holic that I am, could not miss visiting some of the current events, and, as expected, just had to pick up a few gorgeous things along the way !

Worn with Maitreya body/Catwa Catya head/Catwa fangs
Skin: [PF] Liya <Ivory> - Liya @ Pink Fuel - did tell you all about this skin in the previous post, just, couldn't get myself to change to another yet !
Eyes: .:Soul:. Deep SpaceCat Eyes - Spring @ Memento Mori - A brand new line of fabulous eyes by Soul *claps like a retarded seal* , available at this event until the 27th of May ❤
Nailpolish: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Fatpack - Punk As Fuck @ The Thrift Shop - THE must-have nails with attitude !!! They even include mirrored version for each, so the text shows up properly on both hands \o/
Available until the 6th of May at the tiny price of 145L for the fatpack. Singles available in Slink, Maitreya & Omega as well, for 60L each. (Will show you the complete palette at the end of the blog too !)
Worn on #EMPIRE - Coffin Nails - Long @ Empire
Tats: KARVED Tattoo Nevermor @ Karved Tattoos - an absolutely gorgeous full body tat originally created for my sis Shari by her partner, tattoo soon available on MP !
Eye makeup/tat: -SU!- Lioba Eye Makeup "Ink" @ Suicidal Unborn
Hair: AD - proud mary - dark reds @ Analog Dog

Asteria "Larisa" [Maitreya/Belleza] Bodysuit - Black @ Cosmopolitan

Tongue piercing: [CX] Tongue Barbells (Bento) @ CerberusXing - this is FREE for group members, comes in silver, gold or black, fitted for Catwa Catya, Kimberly and Daniel and Lelutka Simone heads.
Nose: Kibitz - Agda nose chain - steel @ Kibitz
Rings: **RE** Elektra Nails & Rings Set 1.1 @ RealEvil Industries

As promised, full palette of the edgy Koffin Nails - Punk As Fuck nail appliers ! ❤

Monday, 1 May 2017

Princess Red

I have wonderful news !
Fantasy Faire has been extended until the 4th of May, giving us four whole extra days to explore the fifteen gorgeous sims this year !
And, since you have all this extra time to shop too, will show you some amazing pieces, fit for a princess !

Worn with Maitreya body/Catwa Catya head
Skin: [PF] Liya <Ivory> @ Pink Fuel - Honestly, at first thought their skins are a tad expensive ... but then again, it does have perfect eyebrows, a bunch of makeup included with the head applier and the shading is spot on, no regrets buying it !
Eyes: .:Soul:. Sidhe Eyes - Unseelie - Chameleon @ Soul - Ok, I am borderline psychotic over the eyes at this store, best eyes you can find in SL if you ask me ! Plus they have fantastic skins and all sorts of accessories as well, one stop for all your out of the ordinary needs !
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Tina" @ D!va - one of my go to places for cute messy updos !

Gown: *LE* Sandrine Ruby-gown @ Fantasy Faire/Chaddul Ro - A luscious red gown with black accents, proven to turn heads ! Fitted for Physique,Hourglass and Maitreya, plus standard sizing and fitmesh version as well.

Necklace: :[P]:- The Grolda Necklace @ Fantasy Faire/Chaddul Ro - second time around this makes it in one of my blogs, bu who can blame me ?! It's an exquisite piece of jewelry, with a generous texture menu, it is easy to fit with soooo many things !
Crown: Ashbourne & Co Victoria Tiara @ Fantasy Faire/Mudrana - Okay, so I might have screamed *I am a pretty pretty princess* when I tried this on for the first time. And the second time too, but that is besides the point :p It is a delicate yet eye catching piece of jewelry, an it's all MINE ! Or it could be yours too, just pop over to Fantasy Faire and scoop up a copy !

Pose: Bauhaus Movement - Mannequin 36 @ Bauhaus Movement

Tuesday, 25 April 2017


Today I've explored Fantasy Faire's gorgeous Kakushi Pasu sim, sponsored by the Sanctuary RP Community .
This amazing oriental themed location hosts the Literary Festival and silent auctions, and if you make your way up to the docked dragon airship, that is where all the DJ parties take place !
More photos of Kakushi Pasu at the end of the blog !
You can find all the info you need on the official Fantasy Faire Website !

Worn with Maitreya body/Catwa Catya head
Skin: AlterEgo- Maliyah-Petale - Sorry guys , Alterego skins are no longer available :(
Hair: AD - bella dark reds @ Analog Dog
Tats: -Endless Pain Tattoos- Raven @ Fantasy Faire/Raven's Perch
Somehow felt I've not done justice to the gorgeous set of tats from Endless Pain Tattoos by showing way too little of it the first time around, absolutely must show you the back part too ! (You can also find it on the previous blog here )
All proceeds for this work of art of a tattoo goes to RFL.

Errr well, let's call it an "outfit" *grins*
#6 Blueberry - Angelberry - RARE - Panties - Slayer *Maitreya* @ Blueberry

Chains: .aisling. Diane Style 2 - Fitted Chestlace @ Aisling - texture change, several metal colors included.
Sword: (FA) UM MFF Longsword @ Fantasy Faire/Chaddul Ro - Okay, I did play with this and rotated it around for the photo, but make no mistake, the sword IS combat scripted and I WILL cut..... errr ... play nice, nice....*grins innocently* ... I mean, it is combat scripted, sheathed version also included. 100% of the proceeds go to RFL.

Bauhaus Movement - Frequency Shift 50 @ Bauhaus Movement

All photos were taken using the [TOR] SUNSET - Brouhatta charme sky preset, all landscape photos are completely unedited, besides a bit of edge shading added to them !

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Demon within

"Exorcizamus te, omnis immunde spiritus, omni satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii..."
Mhmmm nice try, the demon laughed... I am home now....just accept it. Your little chanting is useless she scoffed, and I could feel her grip getting tighter than ever. For now... I am Her and She is I...

So, for those of you that don't know, Fantasy Faire has these awesome challenges each years, not just for official bloggers, but, everyone and anyone that feels like doing a photo, photos that can be submitted to their Flickr pool !
As you might suspect by now, I've decided to do one of these challenges myself !
*My new shiny*, well, let me tell you, I found not one, but three amazing creators fitting my style perfectly, after all the *colored* stuff I wore past couple weeks, returning to my two true loves, black and red, was much needed !

Worn with Maitreya body/Catwa Catya head/Catwa fangs
Skin: [NM] - Fantasia - Eclipse - Female @ Fantasy Faire/Egregore - My first shiny !!!! Never tried skins from Nephilim before, but sure will from now on ! In my personal experience, most dark skins lack the necessary detail, always had a hard time finding one I like .... but now I have and loving it ! And to make it even more perfect, you'll find appliers for body and head as well right in the box along with the system skin, both with or without eyebrows, and even cleavage option for the female body !
And...AND ! Guys.... there is a male version of this skin too !
Tats: <Nar> Vengeance Tattoos @ Nar Mattaru - Yes, not the first time these end up on one of my blogs but... can't help it, they're one of my favorite tats! The detail is just amazing, has the ideal amount of coverage, plus has 3 intensities included in the pack, making it work perfectly even on dark skins ❤
Eyes/Lips makeup: Izzie's - Bloody Tears & Lips @ Izzie's - lips and eyes blood drips can be worn separate too, and they come in 3 intensities.
Eyes: [POUT!] Horror Eye collection- CATWA Eye Applier @ Pout - includes a total of 5 eyes, applicable individually on left and right eye.
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * AQUARIA * flames @ Emo-tions - One of my go-to stores when I want hair outside of the "normal", you can find a wide range of wonderful editorial and fantasy hairs, and pretty much every style you can think of.

Dress: [Aleutia] Raini @ Fantasy Faire/The Hill - My second shiny !!! Still unclear how I've missed Aleutia before, not only they have some gorgeous stuff, but many, like this dress I am wearing, comes with a generous texture menu, including a total of 30 colors! *gasps* Absolutely will need to keep my eye on Aleutia from now on ! For a full front view, will include the original promo pic at the end !

Web Necklace: A&A Web Neck collar @ Fantasy Faire/Ravens Perch
Web Collar: A&A Web Cowl @ Fantasy Faire/Ravens Perch
My third double shiny !!! I mean, come on, even the store name fits me, Attitude is an Artform *grins*. Sold separately, both of them have 3 metal colors included, and unrigged,so you can easily adjust to pretty much any mesh or default SL body.
Head dress: -DRD- Dead religion headdress @ DRD - had this for a while now, another awesome DRD piece. Keep in mind, original size is much larger, but, it is mod, easy to fit to your liking !
Nose chain: :Z.S: Chained V4 @ Zombie Suicide - Includes a total of 3 metal and 8 gem colors.
Pasties: [V-Tech]Spiked Pasties @ V-Tech - 10 pasties and 3 spike colors, fitted for  Maitreya and Boi Chest

[Aleutia] Raini Promo for a better view ❤

Male and female promo for the [NM] - Fantasia - Eclipse

Friday, 21 April 2017

The Butterfly Effect

On day two of Fantasy Faire, I'll be exploring the gorgeous Dawn's Promise, with it's scenic views and wonderful stores, the mossy old buildings standing the test of time still, their surroundings adorned with beautiful trees and the ground freckled with delicate flowers, it is easy to get lost here for hours and hours.
For more pics (unedited) of this location, just scroll down  ❤

Wearing with Maitreya body/Catwa Catya head
Skin: :[P]:- Koie Skin (Femme):// RFL Hope @ FantasyFaire/Chaddul Ro - another amazing fantasy skin from Plastik, box includes appliers for head and body alike, with a clean option for the face as well. 100% of the sales for this skin goes to Relay for Life
(The only makeup I am wearing, is the lipstick, everything else is details on the skin,both for face and body)
Lipstick: MONS / Catwa Lipstick Applier HUD (Matte) 2 @ Cosmetic Faire
Eyes: .:Soul:. Blinde Eyes - Drogon @ Soul - ok, I cannot possibly rave enough about the eyes at this store, love them soooooo much !!!! ❤
Nail palette: **N** Nebulous Nails @ Fantasy Faire/Ravens Perch - including a total of 5 colors, they work perfectly on short and long nails as well ! (worn on #EMPIRE - Claws Nails - Ultra)
100% of the sales for this goes to Relay for Life
You'll get a closer look at eyes and nails too, just have to scroll down a bit for it !

!dM deviousMind "Datura" **FF2017** @ Fantasy Faire/The Rose - a seductively delicate must have dress, 100% of the sales going to Relay for Life  ❤

Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai - Grasp - Collar @ Fantasy Faire/The Spirit Pool- 100% of proceeds going to Relay for Life
Arm cuffs: Bliensen + MaiTai - Grasp - Armbands  (upper arm) @ Fantasy Faire/The Spirit Pool
Head dress: Bliensen + MaiTai - Kira - Tiara/Crown @ Fantasy Faire/The Spirit Pool - with texture change for fabric and metal parts !
Nose chain: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Nose Chain :: ZORA :: @ Loulou & Co
Rings: **RE** Elektra Nails & Rings Set @ RealEvil Industries - texture change, includes nails as well, all parts have individual hide option.

For full resolution of the collage below, check it out on my Flickr

❤ As promised, extra photos from the amazing Dawn's Promise ❤

Thursday, 20 April 2017

East Winds

The wait is at last over, Fantasy Faire is officially open, eleven wondrous days packed with exploring, concerts, shopping, literary festival, hunts, role playing, art performances and auctions await you !
With a total of fifteen sims to visit, each with it's own theme, as usual, this year's Faire is sure to amaze each and every one of us !
Tonight, we'll be exploring one of my favorites, Ravens Perch, a gorgeous gothic styled sim that felt instantly *home* as I first landed. Strolling down the paths you will discover some amazing stores, wonderful spots for photos, and can even find a cozy little hangout spot on top of one of the towers.
All photos featured in this post were taken at Ravens Perch , with minimal photo editing, location is just so pretty !

Worn with Maitreya body / Catwa Catya head
Will show you a closeup too,just scroll down !
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - OPAL @ Fantasy Faire/San Mora - a wonderfully white skin that pairs perfectly with pretty much any makeup !
Eyes makeup: :[P]:- June Fauxe Makeups:// Smog/Smoke @ Plastik
Lipstick: MONS / Catwa Lipstick Applier HUD (Matte) 2 @ Cosmetic Fair
Eyes: Devae. Eyes/Lupine: Viridian @ Devae
Nails: DP - Koffin Nails - FatPack - Beyond Basic Superset @ Dark Passions - Koffin Nails
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial \ Northern wind - Redheads @ Tableau Vivant
Tats: -Endless Pain Tattoos- Raven @ Fantasy Faire/Ravens Perch

Dress: {Get Frocked} Leather Corset Gown - Red @ Fantasy Faire/Ravens Perch - the perfect formal dress for all dark souls like myself ❤

Necklace & choker: :[P]:- RFL Faerie Pendant @ Fantasy Faire/Chaddul Ro - an amazing set with a generous texture menu, fitted for male and female as well ! Closeup just below for a better view !

And,as promised, here are a few extra photos from Ravens Perch ❤